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Web Designer/Developer/Consultant Focusing on UX and SEO

More than a Designer

In my world of freelance and in the corporate sector, I’ve done:

  • Project Management
  • Gathering Requirements
  • Planning Site Architecture
  • QA Testing
  • Accessibility
  • Online Marketing, Including Social Media, SEO & SEM
  • Cross-Platform Design & Development
  • Website Content Creation & Management
  • WordPress Design & Development

I Am A Dinosaur!

dinosaurs for design

I’ve been making websites, professionally, around 18 years

So yes, I’m a dinosaur that started making websites in the days of dial-up, Netscape, and Windows 3.x.

Unlike the dinosaurs, I’m not dead yet

I know that technology and design changes. How people use technology changes. And I like to keep up with those changes! How we interact with tech is one of my favorite subjects. I can go on about that all day! There’s always more to learn. There’s no getting bored in the Internet Industry!