About Me

I’ve been studying people, how we interact with each other, technology, and in groups, most of my life. People are fascinating! Everything from how people interact with an app to how we are prone to move through a retail store, interests me.

How I Work

Team Player & Leader

janice schwarz web designer

I always see myself as part of a team. I want to be where I can be of the most use. I’m often one of the first to volunteer for a project. I’m also that person that says what everyone is thinking (tactfully). My goal is to get the job done, together. I love to call out teammates that have done a great job. I use humor to boost morale and help build the team.

People Skills/Communication

I throw myself into a project, yet am aware not to step on toes. Diplomacy and people-skills have been something I’ve spent most of my life polishing. That’s something that we never stop learning about. At the end of the day, it’s about the customer and the people that serve them. We’re all in this together!


ui designer janice schwarz

Because I’m interested in so many things, and have spent so many years as a freelancer, I’m a Jack-of-All-Trades. This means I like using CSS, and also enjoy design, writing and public speaking. I love wearing many hats and trying new things. If I sit down to learn something, I pick it up fairly effortlessly. Currently taking a course in Human Centered Design from +Acumen.

Problem-Solving & Creativity

Problem-solving is highly satisfying for me. I’ve spent years looking at websites and software from the point of view not just of the end-user, but of the needs of the organization it represents or that will be working with it. And not just in terms of design.

For example, let’s say a company needs a website. I’ll ask: who is making the site? Who is maintaining it? What’s the budget? Is the CMS one that has paid support or free support? What is its history with security? Will the people updating the website have tech knowledge? What is the current tech environment the CMS needs to run in? And that’s not all of my questions!

Good design solves problems. It doesn’t make problems because we only focused on making a pretty picture.


janice schwarz creative

I’m as about outside-the-box as it gets, without being completely unprofessional. I see things differently than most people. I may not see the most obvious thing everyone else does, but I’ll notice the one thing everyone else does not. Yes, I have my own vision for anything I work on. However, I’m not married to it. Projects are a mesh of many individual and group visions. In the end, I want to help you meet your goals and stand out. We all have a role to play.

Also, I have fun while I work. The happier we are, the better job we do. I like to bring that sense of joy and fun to everyone I interact with.  I work hard and I play hard, and I know when it’s time to do either (and sometimes, both at the same time!).

Let’s do this!